Hola Amigos,

Andrew here! Last year my wife Nobu and I got to visit #Thailand during our honeymoon for the first time. #Chiangmai was hands down our favorite place for both the food and natural beauty of the jungles and valleys.

It’s a cool town in the mountains known for its hill tribes, lush rainforests, elephant sanctuaries, and interesting cuisine. We highly recommend a visit (hopefully traveling opens up soon)!

These were the TOP 3 thing we recommend eating:

  1. Roast chicken @SP CHICKEN (SP ไก่ย่าง): The chicken is so fresh and oh so #TASTY. We have eaten roast #chicken in over 25 countries and this is one of the best for its originality and taste. The chickens are tiny cause you won’t find any hormones here. Don’t miss it.

  2. Tiger Shrimp: You can pick the live #shrimp from the tank (many of the #seafood restaurants have this) and grill over hot charcoal and served with a garlic and oil based hot pepper sauce. Finger licking good.

  3. $1.75 Roast #Pork and Rice: Cow Boy Hat Lady has got her FORMULA down and her GAME Strong! Crazy lines at her food stand but so damn #yummy and affordable. One of the best value comfort food meals we have ever had.

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