Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Bob Shanghai 66- Rockville, MD

When you walk into Bob's Shanghai 66 you know what you are getting. Soup dumplings done right. Not too thick, not too thin, and just the right size. Consistently fresh, tasty and affordable.

My countless visits over the past decade only confirm its #OG status in the DMV. This family run shop in Rockville just gets me. None of that "should we try Asian fusion" or "let's add a sushi bar" crap. When you walk in the door, you immediately know what it's about. It's 3-4 dumpling artists behind a glass wall churning out hundreds of these bite sized happy meals. The production line would make Henry Ford proud.

The art of slurping down these bundles of joy can not be overstated (as my grandmother always taught me). It's very important that before you feast, you first poke a small exhaust hole. The soup is piping hot and your unburned tongue will thank you afterwards. Then it's game time. Add a bit of house vinegar and soy sauce and pop that goodness in your mouth. Savor. Repeat.

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