Mushroom Egg Chilaquiles


1 egg

4 @mrtortilla Pico de Gallo tortillas, cut into 1/4

1 1/2 cup salsa roja

2-3 button mushrooms sliced

1 small shallot, diced

1 garlic, diced

Romano cheese for garnish

1 lime, for garnish

2 tbsp Neutral oil for cooking

I love utilizing leftovers and incorporating them into new ingredients and making something delicious.

Our friends @mrtortilla hooked us up with a variety pack so we decided to go the quick route and make some breakfast, my way.

I decided to go with the the pico de gallo tortillas, quarter them up and threw them in a few uneven layers in the air fryer and sprayed with some grape seed oil.

400F for about 5 mins, making sure to shake the air fryer and avoid them sticking together.

As they are cooking I sautéed off some sliced button mushrooms and shallot, and then added my leftover red salsa, and in with the crispy tortillas.

The red salsa was made by roasting 5X6 tomato (2x) 2 whole jalapenos, 1 white onion in an oven (400F for 10min) until charred. Process together with lime juice, salt, chicken buillon and a dose of vinegar.

Fold a few times over, Let them get nice and soggy while you fry a perfect crispy egg in leftover bacon fat

Garnished with some Romano cheese since it was all I had, a squeeze of lime for an extra bite, and there you have it.

Tell @mrtortilla I sent you! They have amazing low carb tortillas and I highly encourage you guys to pick up a pack because I have been utilizing them in a lot and they are absolutely delicious, and healthy!

What type of leftovers are you guys incorporating into new dishes?

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