Fermented Black Bean Garlic Cantonese Lobster y Fries, doesn't get much better for that!

Humanely killed a lobster, broke it down and saved carcass for stock. Cut into large chunks. Dredge each in some corn starch and fry off in enough oil and set aside after they turn bright red (3-4 min)

Basically made Cantonese style dinner lobster with pork and egg and aromatics that would normally be served over rice but we did it with air fryer French fries instead cause #airfryerrecipes

After your lobster is set aside, get your eggs going and fluff them up for a few hot seconds and some decisive strokes and remove.

Wipe wok and Get your ginger garlic and aromatics going in some oil, fold in minced meat and cook until browned

Deglaze with wine, soy sauce, fold back in lobster, eggs, 2 min, fold in oyster sauce and CS slurry to thicken and serve over French fries! GARLIC AS FUCKKK!

1 lobster 🦞 broken down , coated with corn starch

Green onion garlic and ginger minced

Couple eggs beaten

Fermented garlic black bean sauce

broad bean paste

Oyster sauce

Shaoxing wine

Chicken stock

Few oz minced pork or and minced meat

Corn starch slurry

Oil to cook and shallow fry

One potato peeled and cut into sticks, soaked in cold water and dried

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