Cantonese Wok Hei Technique at Home


This super simple fried rice comes together in minutes and utilizes day old “dry rice” to ensure that each granule is evenly coated with scallion oil, egg , and a touch of soy sauce

Mincing your garlic and ginger into a paste (or using the Chinese cleaver smash method) ensures that each bite will pop with flavor, as it easily infuses into oil when cut so small

having a properly seasoned wok with a thin slick oiled surface ensures a relatively quick cooking time ( it’s all done in the mise en place) and as you flick the edge of the wok it will catch fire and really produce the “restaurant quality” wok hei smoky flavor I am trying to reproduce.

Sometimes just simple ingredients and a time testing method will produce AMAZING results.


-2 scallions , whites minced and green tops saved for garnish

-1 clove garlic , smashed

-1 nub ginger, smashed

-1 tablespoon dark soy sauce

White pepper to taste

-2 eggs, beaten

-1 1/2 cup day old short grain rice (super dry)

-2 tablespoons neutral oil for frying

Kimchi for garnish (optional)

-Sesame seeds and sesame oil for garnish


First we want to get the aromatics going, get your oil super hot and in with your ginger and garlic.

Shake and stir for 30 secs until fragrant but not burnt, and add in beaten egg.

With decisive strokes let the eggs cook about halfway as you toss, and then in with your rice.

The egg will finish cooking and coating each granule and then you can deglaze with your soy sauce.

Toss a few times and then you are done!

I love getting creative and adding all sorts of veggies and proteins, just remember the water content in these things will affect the cooking process. We never want to overcrowd the wok otherwise we will be STEAMING rather than pan frying... don’t be afraid to work in batches. For ex if I were to add mushrooms I would cook them down first before even going on with the aromatics, ( get all the moisture out) then continue with the recipe steps!

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