Hola Amigos,


We are very excited to announce our new food channel HUNGRYWONS!!!


At HungryWons we'll share our personal stories with food growing up in a Peruvian-Chinese-Colombian family.  We feature cooking demos/classes, kitchen tips, food reviews and collaborations inspired by our family recipes and adventures abroad.



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We hope to chow down with you soon.


Buen Provecho! Sihk Faahn!



Jona Won 

Hola Amigos, I'm Jona, the younger, sweatier half of HungryWons. Just another helpless Knicks fan, awaiting glory and redemption (sigh).  I started off as a home cook with no formal training after quitting my finance career 3 years ago. I worked my way up through the culinary ranks, read a few Anthony Bourdain books, deep cleaned a fair amount of deep fryers and eventually settled in as the Executive Chef Manager for the 2020 Michael Bloomberg Presidential Campaign. My love for cooking, sharing and experimenting in the kitchen is rivaled only by my love for basketball, my 20-lb Maltese-Poodle Miso, and fermenting things.

Food, travel and sports have always been central to my happiness, and provide a creative outlet and escape like no other. I wanna share my story through the lens of food and continue building relationships with people (and dogs) along the way. 


Andrew Won 

Hola, I’m Andrew, the older, wiser and more rotund half of the HungryWons. I’m a food-loving travel junkie who spent 8 years as a public health manager. Then I followed a lifelong dream and became poker player (cue rollercoaster video). But at heart, I have always been a highly excitable home cook and foodie. In all my travels and years living abroad, I’ve learned that nothing connects people like good food and laughs. In one way or another,  my fondest memories all trace back to that one perfect bite of uni or amazing conversation over an open fire grill. 

My Japanese-American wife Nobu and I live in Silver Spring, MD and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first baby girl. Can’t wait to share my favorite Asian-Latino food creations and experiences with you. Get your stretchy eating pants ready!